How to Dry Wet Carpet DIY

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How to Dry Wet Carpet

Drying wet carpet or water damaged carpet, can be really easy if you know how to do it.  Learn from our article and video on how to dry carpet yourself (DIY), with inexpensive equipment and materials.

Carpet and carpet pad is a very common flooring material in homes today.  The majority of wet carpet and carpet pad can be found in basements.  Carpet is also installed over concrete slabs or crawlspaces.

This Do-It-Yourself-Approach will help you dry carpet and pad that has been installed over a concrete slab.  If you would like advice on how to dry a wood subfloor read our article on How to Dry Wet Subfloor.

This is something a handy homeowner would be able to accomplish themselves.  We created this article and video for our customers who are willing to take the free advice.

3 Easy Steps for Drying Wet Carpet and Pad

  1. Pull Corner of Carpet and Pad
  2. Place an Air Mover under Carpet and Pad
  3. Let Air Mover dry the Carpet and Pad for multiple days


Step 1: Pull Corner of Carpet and Pad

Find the nearest corner to the carpet that is wet or water damaged.  You can use a pair of pliers to pull the corner of the carpet and pad.  Be careful not to pull the carpet fibers in the process.

You will need to pull lightly in an up and down motion to release it from the tack strip.

The carpet pad is typically glued to the concrete slab.  You can use a small scraper or screw driver to get the pad released from the concrete.


Step 2:  Place an Air Mover under Carpet and Pad

After you are able to pull the carpet and pad from the nearest corner, you will need to place a snout nosed air mover under the carpet pad.

You can purchase an air mover at any big box store for example Lowes, Home Depot, or Menards.  Here is a link to an inexpensive air mover.

When you place the air mover under the carpet pad, the carpet and pad should start to float because of the air movement.  If it is not floating, you can place a weight or heavy object on either side of the air mover to keep the carpet tight around the snout of the air mover.


Step 3: Let Air Mover Dry Carpet for Several Days

The next step is to let the air mover run for several days until the carpet and pad are dry to the touch.

If the carpet and pad are not dry in a few days, then you can place a small electric heater near the air mover to help heat the air that is drying the carpet.  Heat will speed up the drying process.

Also, if the carpet and pad begin to have an odor, you can use a botanical anti-microbial product called Benefect to disinfect the wet carpet and pad.

If you want to check moisture content of the carpet each day you can invest in an inexpensive moisture meter.  Lowes sells a General Tools Digital Moisture Meter that you can use to track the progress of the drying.




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