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Water Removal Westfield Indiana

Restorex is a water damage restoration company that helps customers with water removal in Westfield Indiana.  We are equipped and ready to help you remove the excess water in your home.

Water removal is a service that can be covered by your home owner’s insurance policy.  If you have questions about how your water damage is covered by insurance read a few of the articles below:


Basement Water Removal

A flooded basement is a very common form of water damage.  Basements by design are vulnerable to water damage because they are built below ground and are constantly fighting water infiltration.

Most modern homes are equipped with a sump pump system in the basement.  These systems are great ways to manage the water around the foundation of your home, until the sump pump fails.  Common ways the pumps fail:

  • Lose power
  • Circuit Breaker Overload
  • Too much Water to Handle too Quickly
  • Reach the End of the Life

Basement water removal can begin as soon as the sump pump system is working properly.  This may require time for the power in the area to come back on or time for a license plumber to replace the old sump pump.

When a basement floods water can rise as high as 6 to 12 inches.  The sump pump system, once working, will actually remove a large amount of this water.  We can help speed up the process with additional 2 inch submersible pumps.

Once the bulk of the standing water is removed by pumps, the water that has saturated the carpet and pad needs to be removed.


Water Removal from Carpet

Are you able to remove the water from the carpet?  This is a big questions a lot of home owners ask when we first arrive.  The answer is yes.

We are equipped with the best water extractor for removing water from carpet and pad.  The unit has been specifically designed for our industry to remove the maximum amount of water from carpet.  Because we use this water extractor, most of the time we can dry our customer’s carpet and pad in place.

This saves a customer the hassle of removing and replacing their carpet or helps them stay under an insurance policy limit.

Flooded Crawlspace

The process to remove water from a flooded crawlspace is very similar to a flooded basement.  If the crawlspace has a sump pump system, it needs to be working properly, before we begin using our pumps.

The bulk water will be removed using a gas motor pump or electrical submersible pumps.  This can be a tedious process because crawlspaces traditionally do not have a lot of room move around.  After the bulk water is removed, we can use a special piece of equipment we built for flooded crawlspaces.

Since crawlspaces are full of gravel, dirt, and debris, we are built a piece of equipment that we call the “super sucker”.  We have taken a truck mount vacuum system and installed it with a 300 gallon tank that allows the gravel and debris to fall out into the tank without getting stuck in the extraction system.  This allows us to remove puddled water through the crawlspace.


Category 3 Water Removal

Category 3 water is classified as “black water” or “sewage water”.  It water that comes from a drain line or backups from the storm sewer system.  This water requires special attention and equipment to remove it properly.  We also use the “super sucker” to remove category 3 water.  Therefore, we recommend that most customers don’t cleanup black water on their own.


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